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We are open normal hours. Just one thing we can all do to stay in Level 1. If you have ANY cough, cold or flu symptoms, PLEASE, get a Covid test at your local doctor or testing centre (it's free) and STAY HOME home until you have your test result. Just that - easy!

Let's continue to defeat the virus together.
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Individual Protective KN95 Masks

NZ$15.00 NZ$10.00
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Please Note - Also available in packs of 10 for $90

KN95 is an industry standard indicating the mask provides the intended effectiveness of filtering 95 percent of particles with a mass median diameter of 0.3 microns. Elastic ear loop and malleable nose clip allows for size and shape of different faces. By covering the mouth and nose, it prevents droplets from spreading providing a high protection from pathogens and allergens.

Uses: protection against dust, sand dust, pollen, other pathogenic microorganisms and viruses such as influenza.

Also industrial, civil (protection against non-oily particles above 0.3 microns), can be used as protection against smoke, smog and other ambient air pollution fine particles (PM2.5).

KN95 Mask material structure is 4 layer: non-woven fabrics / meltblown / two component non-woven fabric (PP/PE) / on-woven mask base material.

Not intended for small children or people with facial hair.

Made in China. Expiry: March 2022

NZ$15.00 NZ$10.00
Out of Stock
NZ$15.00 NZ$10.00
Out of Stock